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"Cercle de Lingüística Aplicada" (CLA) from Universitat de Lleida (UdL) is the responsible for Observatori del Multilingüisme a les Universitats Catalanes (OPUC). L’OPUC is nourished by the public information from the catalan public system of universities:

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Universitat de Barcelona

Universitat de Girona

Universitat de Lleida

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Universitat Rovira i Virgili


From these universities, OPUC pretends to collect information and data about multilingualism at universities: from language policy documents, mobility, language uses, plannification, multilingual evidence on the net to multilingual practises in classes...


CLA is supervised by Dr. Josep Mª Cots and the responsible for OPUC is Dr. Guzman Mancho. At present, the technician keeping OPUC is Xavier Morros. Check UdL's directory here.

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Observatori del Plurilingüisme

a les Universitats Catalanes (OPUC)




In the last years, the Catalan University system has been going through an intense process of internationalization both in the areas of teaching and in research.This process has involved, among other things, the need for universities to undertake a reflection on language policies to be deployed so that they can become multilingual institutions. As a result of this reflection, institutions may promote the languages which its members feel identified with and the languages that allow a high level of international communication.
The reflection that all Catalan universities have effectively started becoming multilingual is, first, devoid of theoretical models on how to make the transition from a situation of bilingualism to one of multilingualism, where at least three working languages ​​should be contemplated. Secondly, universities also need to have adequate and unified sociolinguistic information on language use, attitudes and language policies that exist in the Catalan university system. Finally, it is necessary that universities have available models of good multilingual practices, with specific guidelines elaborated by the various members of the university community, known to everybody and that, in any case, may be subject to debate.


Functions of the Observatory

a) Information and analysis: unify, systematize and analyze information on the policies, attitudes, and practices related to the multilingual use in the Catalan university system. The availability of this information will allow the managers of the university policy to make decisions in a more grounded way and to evaluate the results of certain initiatives.


b) Transfer: Transfer and dissemination of knowledge through the development and dissemination of working tools, training and reference documents for the effective implementation of multilingualism in Catalan universities. These documents, which can take the form of studies, guides, manuals, brochures, etc.., on paper format or online, would be aimed at three sectors of the university community in Catalonia: administrative staff, teachers and students.




1. Access to updated information about the situation of the linguistic uses at the catalan university system in relation to the development of the multilingualism.

2. Access to a comparative compendium of the different documents related to linguistic policies of the Catalan universities.

3. Customised consultancy service to access in specific information about linguistic uses in the university field. Contact us.

4. Access to international models related with the implementation of policies in universities from other countries.

5. Periodic meetings with experts in the multilingual field in universities in order to analyse specific aspects of the policies and plurilingual practises.



1. Organization of training seminars (online and face-to-face) addressed to teaching and administrative staff from the Catalan universities.

2. Facilitate the access of professors and students to formative materials such as foreign language learning, third language acquisition and the procedure in more than one language in this subject.

3. Design and spreading of materials in order to facilitate teaching and third language acquisition.

4. Start-up of a virtual environment for an autonomous learning of the English language for those different members of the university community, specially students and professors.

5. Design of good-practise manuals for the introduction of third languages, for the plurilingualism procedure in the classroom and the monitoring and evaluation of actions done by universities in order to promote plurilingualism.



Last modified: 24/09/2013
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